Established in 2018, Somna Theatre is a brand new, London-based theatre company. STC aims to focus its body of work on both new writing and established pieces, engaging with the here, now, and tomorrow in nuanced ways.


Somna Theatre asks one question before selecting a production; 'why now?'  Why this play, at this specific point in time? We believe in  engaging with the current cultural landscape through theatre, and producing shows that reflect that principle. With an affinity for dark comedy, satire, absurdism, surrealism, and modernism, STC believes in the staging of bold, unique pieces. Our core focus comes down to creating theatre that is, accessible, practical, and story driven. 



Company Administration

                      Morgan Noll                         Creative Director                       

                    Morgan Noll  
                   Creative Director                     

 Morgan is a Masters student at RCSSD studying Advanced Theatre Practices. She moved to the UK in 2016 from Vancouver, Canada. Morgan has directed at both a student and commercial level. Her work has been featured by Student Theatre at Glasgow and the Bedlam Theatre Festival. Morgan has also assistant directed with the Oran Mor Theatre under Allison Peebles and Ian Patterson. Morgan continues to pursue her dedication to creating quality productions with a practical focus.

                        Robbie Heath                        Creative Director/Actor

                      Robbie Heath
                     Creative Director/Actor

Robbie is a Graduate from the University of Glasgow, from a joint honours course in Literature and Philosophy. He has lived internationally since the age of nine, returning to the UK to finish his academic career. Despite always moving, acting has remained a constant in his life, as has his keen appreciation for storytelling. Notable credits include: BBC's Still game and Glass Knunckles Productions 2017, Deep Fried; which sold out at the Edinburgh Fringe. His acting experience is varied and abundant, and it is his belief that an actor’s duty is, first and foremost, to the text.