Is That Right Aye?

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It’s 8pm. The room is dark and there is thumping, incessant dance music donking its way into my ear drums. There are Scotsmen around me with pints in their hands, bobbing away to some classic, bammy tunes. No, I’m not up the dancing. I’m at Is That Right Aye, Weegie Hink Ae That’s follow up to last year’s Where Ye Fae? I saw them last year, and nearly broke a rib laughing. This year, their material has been sharpened even further, with the addition of new, more complex songs and slick video transitions to help keep up the pace that these bright young comedians establish from the outset.

It is my personal belief that there is no substance on earth more elastic than Gregor Mackay’s face. His simultaneous gurning and two-stepping, accompanied by a spaced-out voiceover outlining his fleein’ train of thought is deeply funny. Don’t judge this book by its cover though—Mackay swaps his bleary-eyed dance moves for dulcet singing and delicate piano-playing later in the show. As it transpires, each of the four “weegies” is a capable singer and musician, with Is That Right Aye feeling equal parts sketch comedy show and acoustic gig. The boys try their hand at a dance number too; long-term followers of the weegies will understand that it’s a nod to a prior show. The branding is rock solid— Weegie Hink Ae That have an intelligent, well-cultivated image.

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No show exhibiting Glaswegian stereotypes could ever be free from vulgarity, and it’s here that the Weegies falter slightly. Not every audience member they’re going to attract will appreciate the crassness of Glasgow humour, to the point where I feel some might feel slightly offended. Moreover, there are one or two sketches that don’t quite hit home, notably a brief encounter with a sausage roll that was less than satisfyingly sausage. We can probably cite the unintelligibility of Glaswegian culture for this, but some revision wouldn’t go amiss.

That said, I can confidently say I’ve never been so consistently impressed by a group’s comic timing before. Every beat was flawlessly timed, the songs were water-tight, and no transition felt too drawn out. Even the dance routine looked choreographed to perfection. The tracksuits that adorn Weegie Hink Ae That conceal a richly comic intelligence beyond the meagre years of their performing body— the combined age of the group is somewhere in the 80’s, and there’s four of them.

Is That Right Aye is on at 20:05 tonight and tomorrow, at the Radisson Blue on the Mile. If you’re planning on seeing it, ensure you book your tickets promptly—The Weegies always sell out. Even if you can’t catch them this time around, keep your eyes peeled. These boys are going places… but not anywhere posh.